Farm Yoshi eggs to grow your Yoshi farm or sell the eggs for BNB!
Version 3.

Green Yoshi

Green Yoshis find the least eggs/hr.
1 egg/day
Cost: 1x


Green Yoshi


Buy Green Yoshis for
MAX 5 BNB/tx

Blue Yoshi

Blue Yoshis find 10x more eggs/hr than Green Yoshis!
10 eggs/day
Cost: 8x


Blue Yoshis


Buy Blue Yoshis for
MAX 5 BNB/tx

Yellow Yoshi

Yellow Yoshis find 25x more eggs/hr than Green Yoshis!
25 eggs/day
Cost: 20x


Yellow Yoshis


Buy Yellow Yoshis for
MAX 5 BNB/tx

Your Yoshis are finding 0.0000 eggs per hour!




0.0000 Eggs



(- eggs would sell for - BNB)

Rates may vary with high demand

Earn BNB farming Yoshi Eggs!

Yoshi Egg Farm is a farming idle game on the BSC. The more Yoshis you have, the more eggs they find (each Yoshi finds at a rate of 1 egg per day). Hatch more Yoshis with your eggs to multiply your production, or cash them out for BNB!

Version 3 brings an entirely new mechanic to the table!


When the inflation gets too bad and the ratio of eggs/bnb becomes unfavorable, a boss can be spawned with his health being BNB!

This collects BNB for the contract and fights off the inflation, bringing the ratio back into the green!

This is because when the rewarded yoshi is given, the market does not get flooded with eggs - which is what happens normally when someone buys yoshis.

Players that attack the boss will be rewarded with Yellow yoshis with an additional reward added on-top!

Sometimes the reward is small, but sometimes it is BIG!

Please note that attacking the boss automatically sells your eggs for BNB. But it will sell them for full value, not half!

Automated Market

Yoshi Egg Farm features a high tech automated market that lets you instantly buy Yoshi or sell Yoshi Eggs. Driven by supply and demand, the price automatically adjusts as players trade.


Earn 10% the number of all eggs used by anyone who starts playing using your link: http://YoshiEgg.Finance/?ref={Your Address}