The purpose of the game is to collect Yoshi eggs to grow your Yoshi family or choose to sell the eggs for BNB!
Version 2. (2% dev fee)

Green Yoshi

Green Yoshis find the least eggs/hr.
Cost: 1x


Green Yoshi

Blue Yoshi

Blue Yoshis find 10x more eggs/hr than Green Yoshis!
Cost: 8x


Blue Yoshis

Yellow Yoshi

Yellow Yoshis find 25x more eggs/hr than Green Yoshis!
Cost: 20x


Yellow Yoshis

Your Yoshis are finding 0.0000 eggs per hour!


0.0000 Eggs



(- eggs would sell for - BNB)

Rates may vary with high demand

Earn BNB farming Yoshi Eggs!

Yoshi Egg Farm is a farming simulator and idle game on the blockchain. The more Yoshis you have, the more eggs they find (each Yoshi finds at a rate of 1 egg per day). Hatch more Yoshis with your eggs to multiply your production, or cash them out for BNB!

Automated Market

Yoshi Egg Farm features a high tech automated market that lets you instantly buy Yoshi or sell Yoshi Eggs. Driven by supply and demand, the price automatically adjusts as players trade.


Earn 10% the number of all eggs used by anyone who starts playing using your link: http://YoshiEgg.Finance/?ref={Your Address}